what street art ain’t

Here’s Doug Harvey at ArtInfo arguing that street art is best where it started…

“Art in the Streets” is ultimately a hybrid of two ethically ambiguous cultural movements, neither of which bears much resemblance to what it claims to be. Museums are alleged to be educational resources for the public governed by learned consensus — certainly not a tax-shelter arena for rich people’s pissing contests. Street Art is supposed to be an inherently political collective visual reclamation of bureaucratically and commercially apportioned public space and consciousness — certainly not a cynical marketing ploy by semi-pro illustrators without the chops to make it in the industry. To the extent that these fictions cancel each other out and create a gap for creativity to flourish, the show is a surprising and delightful success. Revolutionary and historical it ain’t.”

The French artist Space Invader is OK when he’s inside the walls at MOCA, but when doing his thing outside, he gets arrested by the LAPD.

And here’s the mural by Blu that was too overt for MOCA.

And here’s New York’s New Museum using a cherry picker to access some wall-estate to promote a Festival of Ideas… hmmm now there’s an idea.  institutional tagging !

And it’s worth six months in L.A. (LAT)


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