we’re all wrong, apparently…

And me in particular! Here’s a response from one Chris Rathbone to my letter to Julia Gillard, who has a few bones to chew…

Dear Mr Feckless Lendon.

This is just plain sickening.  This bloke [Ai Weiwei] would need to live and die a thousand times to gain anything near the cultural and political gravitas of anonymous that stood in front of the tank. This bloke has and does make a living out of what he likes to do, good on him.  So did Bill Gates and Idi Amin.  As an artist he is so fortunate to reside in a repressive society cause all he has to do is say I don’t like it pictography style and the West and new money status buyers come running gushing applause, money and labels of importance. China’s miners that dig for coal in pre industrialist holes deserve this attention and agitation not a bloke feathering his nest.   This is not about Weiwei, but about people and organisations signing up for another awareness ban – Bono stinks.  If you where sincere with your outrage, get on plan, get to China, get in the square and arch up.  I doubt you will, you personally have too much to lose.  Stay home, say safe, write a letter, as you are no Tank Man.


Chris Rathbone.

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#1 B S on 04.22.11 at 9:26 am

Is this guy for real! Obviously has no idea of what the repression is like or any inkling about the issues. He should be sent to the gulag of intellectual mediocrity and idiot politicians. We need better representation than this!

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