“The public loves:” Canberra’s Petunia Patch Proprietors

Well here’s the story. Iconophilia has discovered the hideous petuniae are funded by Canberra’s organisation of property owners, CBD Ltd. Despite their self-congratulatory spin, somebody must be in charge, some arm of government must have thought, what a great idea! Let’s have four months of naff, eight months of empty rings. (Despite their assurance: “On completion of the project the Planter People will totally remove all installations.” Well they didn’t did they?)  So let ’em at it! There are 1300 plastic potties in all. Money must be burning a hole in their pockets. And the public loves it, so they say. They’ve got one totally legitimate email to prove it…

In their own words:

“Each Year Canberra CBD Limited contracts the Planter People [it’s like living in PhotoshopWorld] to festoon the City with flowers. There are 350 locations (1300 baskets) from Hobart Place, along Northbourne Avenue through City Walk, Petrie Plaza and Ainslie Avenue. The flowers are installed early November and stay in place until after the Canberra Festival in March.

“The public love this addition to the City and following email is an example of comments we have received:

“You mentioned your plans to beautify the CBD and I keep meaning to send this note telling you what a great job you are doing. The flower baskets are sensational.

Congratulations on the wonderful addition of flower planters to the inner city areas in Canberra. What a breath of fresh air it is to see these wonderful colours everywhere”.


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