Black Poles

What is wrong with this photograph? In its relentless quest to trivialise its treasures, (vide the moving wallpaper effect of projecting fragments of its Aboriginal Art collection on the walls at night) see how the National Gallery of Australia represents itself with a fragment of Jackson Pollock’s Blue Poles on the parking signs. Not only a crass concept of branding, but turning the painting into a three dimensional object? Whoever thought of that should creep back to whence they came…

Wouldn’t you love to see the request letter to the Pollock-Krasner Foundation?

Canberra? who cares?

For those who live in Canberra the other significance of August 21st will be that it will be THREE YEARS TO THE DAY since the ACT Government and/or the NCA gave up on their responsibility to do something better with the dead heart of Canberra. I admit, this is not a big picture issue. It’s not going to divert us from Our Forward Momentum. But in Tidy Town such things loom large in the Civic Psyche. Three years ago we started making sick jokes about these sad little readymades which occupy the potentially important – but currently dreadful – space between the Sydney and Melbourne Buildings on Northbourne Avenue. Apparently they’re the foundations for some kind of signage that never got finished. They remain as an accidental monument to civic despair. But wait! There’s something new! They’ve updated the bin! And what’s that in the background?

Signage! It’s a sign that (in the most elliptical way) tells us how important this site really is… Welcome to BUILDINGS OF COMPONENT PARTS. Crikey! Who composed that? And for whom?

Dear Chief Minister, when oh when are you going to ask someone to take control and do something FANTASTIC with this symbolic space? Suggestion: emulate the Serpentine Gallery’s annual Pavilion. See here and  here

There. I’ve broken my RULE never to rely on italics or CAPS for emphasis…