Sun Girl


Or rather, a fully inverted Moon Boy. Iconophilia interprets the effects of the full moon in downtown Cobargo after a weekend of gold-leafing as the trigger for a leap of perception. See this portrait of Hanna Hoyne by Blaide Lallemand as a foretaste of things to come… Who are they? You’ll need to go back to the archives in ArtWranglers to find their other personae as les Fillettes Mignon


#1 hanna hoyne on 07.11.09 at 12:16 pm

oh! inherited nose also needs gilding

#2 hanna hoyne on 07.11.09 at 12:19 pm

“le weekend aux fillettes d’or” was exhausting !

#3 Lia on 07.12.09 at 11:36 am

Stunning photo of a clever beauty!

#4 Zoe on 10.03.09 at 7:50 am

For a much less luminescent show, you could use some chocolate parquetry

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