the sacred and profane in the modern landscape


A friend of Iconophilia has contributed this recent photograph of exploration scars on the Hammersley Tablelands in the Pilbara… This man-made formation – created by bulldozed access roads connecting drill pads – pays careless disregard for significant sites nearby. Our sense of shock at the desecration of the austere beauty of this tract of country¬† is not just a question of aesthetic sensitivity. Appreciation of the natural beauty of the land as landscape and its origins in the sublime are deeply embedded in many cultures. In this case, however, it appears as a perverse parody inversion of the coded iconography of¬† contemporary Aboriginal landscape art. Arguably one of the oldest forms of landscape art. Insult to injury.

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#1 deb nagan on 12.11.09 at 5:26 am

I’m starting to search for images of the sacred and the profane in gardens and the landscape for a new installation and this is a great start! Could you let me have the image/link?

Many thanks

Deb Nagan

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