photography is encouraged

Perhaps because it adds content. At Gagosian, photography of the Damien Hirst paintings is permitted only if there is a person in the frame… Now there’s a twist… And there’s more, here. And listen here to PeterĀ  Schjeldahl at The New Yorker… And here‘s Ben Davis, in “reluctant” defense…

(top) #15 Controlled Substances Key Painting, 1994, 61 x 61, 2 inch spot.

(above) #7 Cesium Bromide, 2009 965 x 106.7, 5mm spot.


#1 Megxx on 02.12.12 at 12:49 pm

Jeez Nige, you look as if you’re about to flash that great expanse of dottiness…!

#2 Nigel on 02.12.12 at 7:56 pm

That’s the look…

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