…our authentic Tony Palin?

There are unsettling parallels, suggests Jeff Sparrow at newmatilda.com. “…if Abbott is so authentic, how do we explain the wild policy lurches that have characterised his leadership — flip-flops often in blatant contradiction to his supposed core principles? And why, despite these glaring inconsistencies, have the media largely assisted Abbott in the construction of his image as a genuine guy?”

“Call it the “Palin effect”. When Governor Sarah Palin first burst upon the US election, her gaffes were so bizarre that they provided, in and of themselves, proof that she stood for a different kind of politics. It took some time before most observers realised that Palin played the same game as her opponents, and the real difference was simply she was bad at it. Something similar might be said about Abbott. His gob-smacking U-turns have insulated against charges of opportunism precisely because he hasn’t tip-toed away from his principles so much as abandoned them at full speed.”


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