Old Technology – Sixties Style


Iconophilia was directed to this piece of abandoned sixties vernacular sculpture by local sculptor Richard Moffatt , who lives at Tathra on the NSW South Coast. It is hidden on the headland north of Middle Beach. In the age of the GPS and the PLB trig points serve no purpose. So nobody trims the trees around it any more, and it is only visible to connoisseurs of vernacular art and redundant technology who make the trek to this un-named headland.


Sixties? Thanks to the surveyors who spent ten cents to set this date stamp in the concrete next to their official marker we can give it its place in the style of the sixties…


Meanwhile, back at the ranch, at Penders, Richard Moffatt has conceived the perfect analogue to the trig sculpture.


His friend and mentor Marr Grounds claims it is his MAGNUM OPUS (“a triumph of function over form!”). Working with the rusty steel offcuts of sixties aesthetic purity (gleaned from Sir Ron Robertson-Swann’s scrapyard), Richard has referenced a locally occurring subterranean wave form – a phenomenon known only to a select few…


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