mystery: ACT Creative Arts Fellow

Forgive me for wondering why Nike Savvas (who was awarded this year’s ACT Creative Arts Fellowship worth $45K) is described by ArtsACT as a “Canberra artist”? I must have missed the December 17 announcement, but just caught up on ArtsACT’s  NEWSWIRE # 9…  See her gallerist’s bio here: according to Ros Oxley, she “lives in London”.  Or, according to Breenspace, where she has an upcoming show, she “lives in London, Nicosia, Canberra”.

“With the 2010 ACT Creative Arts Fellowship, Savvas will conduct research which will lead to a new body of work. She will undertake field work in Rio de Janerio, looking at the relationship between modern architecture and traditional housing and aspects of Brazillian textiles. She will then spend nine months in her Canberra studio developing the work for exhibition.”

Now here’s the mystery: while the ACT Arts Fund Information Booklet doesn’t explicitly require it of an applicant, what makes one a “Canberra artist”? However, recipients “must also propose public engagement activities that would be undertaken as a part of their Fellowship year, for example, public lectures, workshops, a blog on their artistic process.” Can’t wait…

Here’s the general eligibility for all artsACT applications.

Applicants need to be a resident of the ACT. Where
applicants do not reside in the ACT, their application must
strongly demonstrate an ACT-based arts practice or an
activity that would otherwise not be available in the ACT.


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