“it’s a tinderbox… it’s all about to blow…”

says Will Hutton, interviewed by Ali Moore on the ABC’s Lateline.

“…they will be understanding the visit of the Australian Prime Minister as, not quite in these terms, but nearly a form of tribute being played by a client state. I mean, that’s very much how they’ve always visualised their relationship with their neighbours. And so they’ll be thinking of it in those terms. They’ll be – they are anxious to secure their raw materials and that’s always been the ace card that Australia has to play, and I’m sure that’s what Julia Gillard will be talking about with her team.

I think she – well, I mean my advice from London, and she can ignore it, but my view is at least that actually she really has to put a marker down, that actually Australia’s watching this crackdown, it’s unhappy about it.”


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