garden living


…has emerged as the theme of the week. See more of this slinky holiday house in a forest in Japan by Kotaro Ide in the article on designboom. Go to the Kotaro Ide ARTechnic site for some real mouse sex. Yet the sadsack sceptic inside The Iconophile thinks: desire objects sure, but maybe we over-fetishize the playpens of the super-rich? PS make sure you can’t find your credit card when you go to <shop> in designboom…

But then, if your forest is only one tree, you can still wrap both your shop and your house around it. Yesterday Kevin Miller returned from Japan with this charming vernacular analogue he found in downtown Harajuku, Tokyo (near Yoyogi Park)!


Or if you want to see some really quirky Japanese architecture: see Terunobu Fujimore’s teahouse-in-a-tree and other houses…


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