Election night in Coober Pedy…

We assumed the big screen in John’s Pizza Bar and Restaurant in Coober Pedy would be the best place to watch the election results fall…

But no. The AFL takes priority. John set me up in the back room where there was a screen with no audience!

As things unfold, the “Coat of Arms” Pizza may be the high point of the night!

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#1 Megxx on 08.22.10 at 9:52 am

Sweet cranberry on a pizza!! Combo-a-rama. The Italians will quite rightly be in revolt. Must look like more like roadkill. (Reminds me of the ‘fancy’ culinary perversions of the late 80’s – of the fish and kiwi fruit variety. Shudder.)
As for the election, probably better not to have watched it – it was excruciating. Did we really win 3 years ago? Oh the humanity! Totally squandered.

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