deep roots technology

Iconophilia was pleased to meet Anthony and Gilbert at Middle Beach, Tanja, on their morning round cleaning up after the tourists at Bithry, Gillards, and Middle Beach in the Mimosa Rocks National Park.


I first was attracted to Anthony’s innovative recycling of the ubiquitous milk crate, and the way in which he has extended the functionality of his ageing Corolla.


However in conversation I discovered there was a philosophy – a theory – behind Anthony’s inventions: his “deep roots technology” updates the historical precedents in “make-do” or “bush design” solutions to everyday problems. Living too far from the nearest purveyor of Octopus Straps – see The Iconophile’s previous encounter –  Anthony ties everything down with its predecessor, the elastic calamari-ring inner tube rope.


It’s pragmatic in the “make-do” sense, but also philosophical in his attitude towards an “open source” ideology: to Anthony such ideas (or materials) should be available to anybody. And so, the humble milk crate acquires a second life. And see? The broom holds it all in place…



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