On Damien Hirst’s Spots

…are at their best on shoes, seen here on the Met’s blog. Or on skateboards, apparently. And so, facing the global onslaught at Gagosian galleries everywhere, Will Brand at AFC has declared: “So I’m going to lay this down, just to clarify, so that nobody from the future gets confused: we hate this shit. Everyone hates this shit. These spots reflect nothing about how we live, see, or think, they’re just some weird meme for the impossibly rich that nobody knows how to stop.”

(PS. And, if you’ve got the stomach for it, you can win a print if you visit all eleven exhibitions. Seriously).

(PPS. This quote was spotted first on ArtInfo).

(PPPS. Hennessy Youngman also has something to say about it).

(PPPPS. And it has triggered his obituary at the Village Voice).

(PPPPPS. And there’s more! Hrag Vartanian at Hyperallergic flicks some more links…

(PPPPPPS. And if you want to follow James Kalm’s sneaky vid of the NY shows, go here.


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