collecting is an affliction


This may seem a strange thing to read on Iconophilia, but… Just look at the article on the collection of oversize sculptures on New Zealander Alan Gibbs’ property north of Auckland, in the Oz Art and Design supplement last Friday called Wish, although in keeping with Mr Murdoch’s new money-aggregator policy, you have to subscribe to read what is, after all, a hyper-glossy supplement to carry advertisements for Maseratis and expensive watches.  At the other end of the scale of consumerism, The Iconophile asks: is it healthy to spend one’s lazy dollars to commission such gargantuan aesthetic objects as this Anish Kapoor? And why am I thinking it has a Middle Earth feel about it all? Are there Hobbits just over the hill?

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#1 Zoe on 11.13.09 at 8:25 am

I don’t get the middle earth feel – might just be that I have little kids, but I’m waiting for the teletubbies to come tumbling out …

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