Buried Treasure in Tehran


The wife of the Shah of Iran had a big budget. She also had aspirations to be an architect and an artist, as many are wont to do when it comes to public art. But in this case this is a truly impressive sculpture/meditative space which anticipates much of the late minimalist work of the 80s and 90s, (pace James Turrell) and which is located in the grounds of the Carpet Museum. Both the building and the sculpture are attributed to Farrah Pahlavi, and were completed just in time, in the late 1970s. If she was in fact the artist, she sure knew how to use the zip…


In her spare time she also assembled an extraordinary collection of pre-1980s International and American art. Visitors to Tehran’s  Museum of Contemporary Art next door may still be surprised to happen on a Don Judd looking a little out of place among the current crop of ideologically correct Iranian art and design. What you don’t get to see is what is in the basement. But if you click here you will see what abc news reporter Sara Setrakian was able to record, and be amazed… And clearly, given the current circumstances, some of it may be considered “decadent” for many years to come…

tehran bacon

(Many thanks to Ehsan for the link). (Now read the update above).


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