beyond photography

Light Painting was widely hailed as the best work in the Biennale of Sydney – apparently also by Thierry de Duve, among others – but you have to have seen this work by Nyapanyapa Yunupigu to understand why its random streaming imagery is “beyond” the documentary potential of still photography. Then again, Will Stubbs’ explanatory label was also far and away the most thought-provoking piece of text generated by this guff-laden event… Equally interesting was the fact that the collective mode of its production suggests an entirely new mode of art-making coming out of Yirrkala. Collective agency is in their blood…

PS See what I mean here at Ros Oxley’s website

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#1 michael on 09.03.12 at 9:15 pm

sorry, i thought it was a tad dull. it looked like an old fashioned slide show of drawings (all fairly similar, quick sketches) but with a wee touch of electronic gimcrackery – fades and wipes and overlays – but still a slide show of relatively modest drawings. it felt like the project team, 5 named on the label, transformed the drawings into this work and should be given equal credit for ‘the temporal union between prehistory and the distant future’.

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