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As handsome as the James Angas may appear standing in the forecourt of the National Portrait Gallery, your Iconophile does wonder whether amoebae have personalities worth celebrating… Move it a few hundred meters to the east to the National Gallery of Australia, and it wouldn’t have to carry the burden of portraiture.


The spin that explains the work is less than convincing. While Angas has a wide ranging oeuvre, better known for his squished Bugatti at the AGNSW, it’s his grip on three dimensional math that’s the common thread.


Incidentally, that’s a portrait of the Iconophile in the background – perhaps the closest he’ll ever get to the walls of the NPG… And I do worry that  Patrick Star may be a bit put out – but then again, he lives under a rock, so he may not notice.

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#1 vanessa on 11.07.09 at 9:55 pm

Wagga sculptor Ralph Tickerpae’s public work ‘Life Balance’ outside Wagga Regional Art Gallery was immediately referred to as ‘Mr Hanky the Christmas Poo’ by locals.

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